Nancy Golden Waspi

Usui Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

Crystal Reiki Master

C.C.M.B.A. Teacher

Reiki Sonic Healing (sound vibrational healing)

Oncology Reiki



Healing Reiki-Works is a healing and wellness center offering a range of comprehensive healing practices, Energy Healing, Therapies and professional services to promote health & wellness.  

All services are devoted to promoting resilience and balance in the lives of adults and children with minor or major emotional and/or physical disorders.  

Our team of professional and certified healers are experienced in Holistic Healing Methods, Reiki, Energy Healing, Priority Testing, and Alternative Treatment Modalities. 

All modalities are powered by the Golden Healing University which includes, Advanced Education, Classes, Certification, Best Practices and Methodologies for client centered care .

Included are Retreats, Women's Retreats, Integrative Wellness Retreats, Outdoor adventures, Healthy Lifestyle, Mindfulness & Meditation and professional services via Healing Heart Journeys.

Healing the Body Mind & Spirit.

 My life journey has lead me to a holistic approach towards health of the body, mind, and spirit and to where I am today.

I am so blessed to be given the gifts to help others, even when standard medicine has been exhausted.

All healing comes from Divine Love and is available to all.

I, along with my angels, guides, and specialists would be honored to work with you on your path to a better life.

Since I was a small child I have been infatuated with angels whenever I saw a picture of one in a book or at school.  That love as a small child never burned out even though it was tried many times to be put out by society.  I am so blessed to have the gift of communicating with the angels in both my automatic writting where angels come through and communicate through writting and as a certified angel card reader.  Messages come through me to you.   I would be hapy to do either for you.  Questions asked directly for automatic writting and Angel Card Readings are done over the phone.