Thank you so much for all you have done for our Wyatt & our family.  You truly define what God means when he says, "Be the Light."  Your kindness & selflessness is changing the world.  Thank you!  


When I started the Reiki Master class I was excited because I understood the concepts up to this point and was eager to learn more. I was also apprehensive. I wasn't sure that I would be able to put the principles into practice to allow the higher energy to flow through me. Through Nancy's guidance I was reassured, then encouraged. By the end of the class I became confident that I could live up to the title of Reiki Master.
The class itself is comprised basically of meditations, use of crystals and hands on practice. But there is so much more to it. Nancy's passion brings such enthusiasm and depth of meaning to the class that it is hard not to be engaged. She guides you through the meditations and hands on practice. She also helps interpret what your seeing, feeling and sensing. 
I find I am much more confident after taking her Reiki Master class. I have learned advanced concepts that have opened me up to a stronger, more heightened energy. I feel I can do so much more as a Reiki Master and my passion about it has also skyrocketed. It is such a wonderful yet indescribable feeling. My experience was so strong that I would highly recommend this class with Nancy.

Jenny W
Reiki Master


"Nancy is an excellent Reiki Master and Teacher.  I took her attunement class and was very pleased with the experience.   She put a lot of thought and time into making it very healing for us all to experience with our own lives!   There were many wonderful meditations and ways to release any unwanted baggage so we can be open to receiving and sharing the love and light.  I loved the group sharing experience on how to become a Reiki healer.   It was also wonderful to be surrounded by other like minded people who had the same interests to heal themselves and others.  

I have also had a few private Reiki sessions with Nancy and I have no more migraines!!! Thank you so much Nancy!!!!  Her sessions are very relaxing, soothing, tranquil and helpful on a soulful level.  The work that happens on deeper level is amazing!  I highly recommend Nancy for your healing."   

-Kristin Hannah